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About Us

Who has never been to a pet store and returned empty-handed?

This was our main problem. We went to pet stores and never identified with any of the products offered. None of the items suited us, the designs didn't appeal to us and the quality was not what we were looking for. We were very annoyed!

And that's how Dukier was born in 2015. A project turned into reality.

Dukier was born little by little with the intention of giving a radical change to the world of pet accessories: a very attractive design, an enormously worked and high quality project. Everything has been put in place to make our little dogs the coolest and most beautiful in the park.

The name Dukier was inspired by the experience of three hairy friends: DUque, KIra y ERica. All this gave birth to a brand thought and created for and by our best friends.

And you? Do you already belong to our super cool family?